Who Is Ymir In Attack On Titan

Who Is Ymir In Attack On Titan? Everything You Need To Know

The popular anime show Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin, in Japanese) is full of mysterious elements. Who are the Titans? How did they first appear?

Where do the Survey Corps get their cool gear like vertical and three-dimensional maneuvering equipment?

But the main mystery and confusing thing is “Who is Ymir in Attack on Titan”?

Who is Ymir in Attack on Titan

Is Ymir and Ymir fritz the same?

No, There are two (“Ymir The Founding Titan” and “the 2nd Ymir, the Jaw Titan”), and it is the most confusing part of the series.

Who is Ymir in Attack on Titan
Ymir Jaw Titan

Ymir, The Jaw Titan

When Ymir first appeared in season one as a member of the 104th Cadet Crop student, she was selfish, cynical, argumentative, and uncooperative.
It was quite often that she criticized people for being untruthful to themselves, such as when she criticized Sasha Braus for developing an extremely polite and formal way of speaking to hide her native accent.

However, she reveals a more compassionate side toward Christa later on. Similarly, she harshly criticized Armin Arlert for his flaws, deeming him incompetent, and stating that it was unjust that he was the only survivor in his squad following a Titan ambush in Trost District.

Ymir Backstory

Years Ago, an orphan girl who lived as a beggar in the street of the city Marley as a beggar, was adopted by an unknown man.

He man bought her between the kings’ people as a descendant of the royal blood of the Eldian King Family and named her “Ymir” after the ancient Ymir Fritz
and she was bought into the cult as a reincarnation of Ymir Fritz and worshiped by Eldian people in secret.

However, despite not being a descendant of royalty, Ymir decided to abide by her new role in order to bring happiness to the people around her.

After some time the cult was discovered by Marley police, and the man who founded Ymir turned against her to save himself, she was captured and taken to the borderline to turn her into a pure titan.

After turning pure titan she wandered for 60 years outside Wall Maria, Ymir encountered Warriors Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard on their way to infiltrate the Wall Maria.
Ymir attacked the group and reached out to devour Reiner, but at the last minute, Marcel pushed him away and got devoured instead.

Ymir then awakens in a barren field with strange formations of light in the sky and calls it “freedom.”.

Zeke Yeager had a similar experience and believed it was the manifestation of the link that connected all Ymir Subjects.

This is how Ymir got her human form back and inherited the power of Jaw Titan.

How Did Ymir Die?

The Season 04 episode of Attack On Titan shows that she was eaten by Galliard, the younger brother of Marcel.

Who is Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan? Her origins, and significance in the story.

In Which Episode Is Ymir Fritz’s Backstory Revealed?

During the season 4 episode 80 premiere of Attack on Titan, the backstory of Ymir founding the titan is revealed, which revealed how all of this began.

In fact, Grisha only knew the history book-approved version of Ymir’s story – sanitized, almost religious account surprisingly lacking in firm details. Ymir Fritz’s fate is explained in Attack on Titan episode 80, where Eren and Zeke continue to argue about who gets to use her fearsome Founding Titan powers.

Who is Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan
In Which Episode Is Ymir Fritz's Backstory Revealed

Ymir Fritz Backstory

Ymir Fritz was an Eldian who lived in Marley land, where her village was burned down by Eldia’s King Fritz and she was enslaved.

One day a pig escaped from its pen and all the slaves blamed her to save their life. As for her punishment, King Fritz released her into the wild so his men could hunt her down, and they shot an arrow at her and chased her with dogs.

How Did Ymir Fritz Become A Titan?

In danger of death, Ymir found a large tree with a cave underneath, she took shelter inside the tree to avoid the king’s men, not knowing the sinkhole beneath, and fell into the pit of water.

How Did Ymir Fritz Become A Titan
Is Ymir The Founding Titan

Is Ymir The Founding Titan?

Ymir Fritz is the founding titan. She became the first titan after falling into the pool of water and a spine-like mysterious creature fused with her when she was about to die, and she emerged as the Founding Titan

Despite her newfound power, she was still a slave to Fritz and did not possess free will.
Frits used her titan power to create bridges, cultivate the land for farming, and bring good fortune and wealth to Eldians.

She was also used to fight the war against Marley, this gives Eldian a huge advantage against Marley to win every battle. She had three children: Maria, Shina, and Rose with King Fritz.

How Did Ymir Fritz Die?

13 years later, she died while defending the king against an assassination attempt.

After her death, King Fritz fed her corpse to her three daughters, which allowed her powers to be transmitted.

And order her daughter and people of Eldia ( subject of Ymir) to carry out this tradition for thousands of years, which resulted in the Eldian population seen in the show today all being her descendants, known as Subjects of Ymir.

How Did Ymir Fritz Die
How Old Was Ymir Fritz When She Died

How Old Was Ymir Fritz When She Died?

We don’t know the exact age but she was very young around Eren’s age when she was captured, we can assume, she was 13 years old when she became a founding titan, she died at the age of 26.
A titan shifter can live up to 13 years this is called “the Curse of Ymir”,

When Ymir died as an adult, in the afterlife, she awoke in a desert called “The Path” that existed independent of time, where she created thousands of Titans with the sand following the king’s orders for 2000 years

But the time works differently in the path, a second in the real-world feels like a year. Until Eren helped her the freedom to choose her own path.

In spite of being two Ymir, the story of these two characters is harsh, sad, and depressing. Both of them suffered until the last moment of their lives.

If you wish to learn more about the story in-depth, you can read the manga.

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