top ten strongest akatsuki member in naruto ranked

Find Out Top 10 Strongest Akatsuki Member In Naruto Ranking

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We all want to know who is the strongest akatsuki member is Naruto?
With their iconic black robe with a cloud-like red pattern on it, wearing nail paint, jewelry, and accessories.
The evil organization’s sole motive was to capture every Jinchuriki living out there, so they can take over the ninja world. Every member abandoned their villages in search of power, with different motives but with the same beliefs.
But who is the most powerful Akatsuki member? Every member has their unique power and abilities which make them powerful and fearsome, but who is the strongest Akatsuki members let’s find out?

List Of Top 10 Strongest Akatsuki Members


white zetsu weakest akatsuki member

Zetsu was the weakest member of the Akatsuki. He is mostly involved with information-gathering missions for the Akatsuki members. He doesn’t have much battle power but his main technique was nature transformation.

But what makes him dangerous is he can shapeshift and infiltrate without being sensed, as we saw in the war arc where he infiltrated medical crops and killed many wounded ninjas.


hidan strongest akatsuki member

We all remember Hidan because of his immortality and evil nature and attitude.

You guys will think why Hidan is at the bottom despite being immortal? Hidan’s main weapon was his long red three-bladed sickle which he used to draw blood from his enemies.

He utilizes his power by tasting the blood which makes him look like a voodoo doll and making a curse seal where he stands on top of it which allows him to connect with his opponent’s body.

This gives him power where he strikes a powerful attack upon himself which can inflict the same amount of damage to his opponent. 

His main weakness is that he must stand within the seal once the curse is activated. By not standing on the seal, the connection between him and his opponent is severed.

Hidan mostly uses long distances to fight, mostly he relies on his curse technique.


deidara strongest akatsuki member

One of the coolest members of the group. He is an Explosion release Kekkei Genkai user. He could create various shapes and types of explosives with his unique molding clay infused with his chakra by feeding it into the mouths of his palms.

In his fight with Sasuke, we saw that his explosive clay was ineffective because of the lighting style. Despite this, he was the youngest Akatsuki member and had a great battle IQ. He went toe to toe with Sasuke, one of the strongest ninjas in Naruto.


sasorui strongest akatsuki member

Sasori was the strongest puppet user also known as the great puppet master ninja. He made hundreds of human puppets with hidden weapons.

To become resistant to poisons or any attacks that don’t hit his flesh, he transformed his body into a puppet.

Many people think he’s weak because he lost to Sakura, but it was Granny Chiyo, an S-ranked ninja, who made Sakura into a puppet using chakra-infused thread.

She was his grandmother who knew all of his attack techniques. At the end after Sasori died, Granny Chiyo stated, he could have easily avoided the attack if he wanted but chose not to.

 Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame Hoshigaki strongest akatsuki member,
 most powerful Akatsuki member

A shark-looking powerhouse monster, Kisame Hoshigaki also known as the Monster of the Hidden Mist. He was a former member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

Kisame has incredible chakra, earning him the nickname “The Tailless Tailed Beast”.

He was one of the most skilled water-type users and he wielded a living sword named Samehada. His weapon allows him to avoid the ninjutsu attack as the blade can consume any kind of chakra energy which makes the blade grow stronger.

Even without Samehada, he pushed Guy into using the 7th gate to defeat him. He wouldn’t be defeated if Samehada wouldn’t betray him for Killer Bee.


konan co-founder akatsuki member

Konan is one of the founding members of the Akatsuki and advisor to the leader of the Akatuski Pain.

She has a unique style of Jutsu involving infused chakra with paper that enables her to attack and turn her body into paper, which is pretty amazing.

With perp time she gave Tobi a very hard time in the fight, where she forced him to his limit.


 kakazu strongest akatsuki member

Kakuzu, the one who fought the first Hokage, is the oldest and one of the strongest Akatsuki member. He is nearly immortal with several hearts that he collected from other ninjas he faced.

He can use each element of chakra and his whole body is composed of hair-like thread which allows him to take control of anything he inserts it into and he has multiple organs that can replace with his damaged organs.

As he was so powerful, that he was defeating Kakashi until Naruto arrived and helped him, it took the whole team effort to kill Kakuzu.

Here The Fight Starts, Who Is The Top Three Strongest Akatsuki? Pain, Itachi or Obito!

top three strongest akutsuki member pain, itachi, obitio

We see the great debate going on in the community about who is stronger Pain or Itachi?

There will be one person who will disagree on the ranking of these three and it is justified because all of them hold insane power and unique abilities.

For me, they are equally matched powerful Akatsuki members. Let’s check their powers and skills

My Top Three Strongest Akatsuki Member


He graduated from the Ninja Academy at the age of 7, he passed the Chunin exam and possessed hokage level abilities. He joined Anbu at the age of 10 and was promoted to captain at the age of 13.

In the blink of an eye, Itachi defeated Kakashi and Orochimaru. He mastered four chakras and possesses five mangekyou sharingan techniques:- Amaterasu Inazami, Tsukuyomi, Inazagi, and Susanno.


Pain defeated and killed Sage Mode Jiraya and Hanzo, as well as Sage Mode Nanuto, and stood against Naruto’s 8 tail form. 

He possesses Rinnegan the most powerful eyes in the naruto universe, he can summon a meteor, and the Rinne of Rebirth can bring life to the dead.


Obito possesses Hashirama cells, he possesses Mangekyou Sharingan abilities, Kamui can transport anything into another dimension, and he is capable of controlling Kurama, a 9 tail beast.

Now it’s up to you. Comment below, who do you think is the strongest akatsuki member among them? 

The Most Common Question People Ask Is Madara A Member Of The Akatsuki?

No, Madara is not a member of Akatsuki. It was Tobi (Obito) who pretended to be Madara to start the 4th great ninja war.

 Madara died before Akatsuki was formed and he came back as a Resurrection Jutsu: Edo Tensei. Madara is stronger than Akatsuki and he was equally matched with Hashirama Senju who was known as a god of the shinobi world.
This is my most powerful Akatsuki member ranked in Naruto.

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