10 real life anime locations

10 Real Life Anime Locations In Japan Locations To Visit!

For anime fans visiting Japan, there are countless opportunities to visit real life anime locations and connect with their favorite series. Many iconic anime series are set right in real life Japanese locations that you can visit and experience. Let your otaku dreams become reality as you explore neighborhoods, cultural sites, cityscapes, and natural scenery featured in some of the most beloved anime.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the bustling urban energy of Tokyo or contemplate tranquility at a countryside shrine, you’ll find familiar places that bring anime magic to life. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters and form lifelong memories connecting with the anime worlds you love. This enriching journey through anime real life places in Japan will stay with you long after your visit ends.

Suga Shrine (Yotsuya, Tokyo) – Featured in “Your Name”

Located in the quiet Yotsuya neighborhood of Tokyo, the tranquil Suga Shrine provides an oasis from the bustling city. Dotted with blooming cherry blossoms, the shrine’s picturesque staircase and towering torii gate offer a serene backdrop. It’s here that Mitsuha and Taki finally reconnect and discover their switched bodies at the end of Makoto Shinkai’s acclaimed supernatural romance anime film “Your Name.” Fans can retrace the protagonists’ steps through the shrine and its grounds, imagining the story’s emotional climax.

Map Location: Suga Shrine

Koenji Hikawa Shrine (Koenji, Tokyo) – Featured in “Weathering With You”

Tucked away in the lively Tokyo suburb of Koenji, Koenji Hikawa Shrine is a peaceful place of worship. In Makoto Shinkai’s follow-up hit “Weathering With You,” high school runaway Hodaka takes shelter from the rain under the shrine’s eaves upon arriving in Tokyo. He also returns here later after meeting the heroine Hina. Visitors can check out the shrine and surrounding neighborhood, which perfectly captures the vibe of the anime movie.

Map Location: Koenji Hikawa Shrine

Shibuya (Tokyo) – Featured in “Tokyo Revengers”

The always bustling district of Shibuya represents a quintessential Tokyo anime real life location. In particular, the iconic scramble crossing in front of Shibuya Station offers an unforgettable setting. Featured prominently in the time travel gang series “Tokyo Revengers,” the legendary intersection provides the backdrop for many key scenes. Fans can try to cross with the crowds and immerse themselves in the nonstop energy that makes Shibuya an ideal urban anime setting.

Map Location: Shibuya (Tokyo)

Asakusa (Tokyo) – Featured in “Demon Slayer”

With its traditional temples, lively market streets, and old town ambiance, the Asakusa district places from anime in real life transports visitors back to historic Tokyo. In the record-breaking shonen anime “Demon Slayer,” kindhearted protagonist Tanjiro stays in this area before setting out on his quest to join the Demon Slayer Corps and save his sister. By touring cultural sites like the famous Sensoji Temple, fans can mirror Tanjiro’s journey through this area rich with tradition.

Map Location: Asakusa (Tokyo)

Radio Kaikan (Akihabara, Tokyo) – Featured in “Steins; Gate”

Real life anime locations in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara electronics district, Radio Kaikan is a multi-story building housing various shops. An unassuming stairwell here hides the secretive Future Gadget Lab, the home base for the main characters in the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller anime “Steins; Gate.” Visitors can explore Radio Kaikan and imagine the lab within, recapturing memories of the series’ time travel twists and turning points.

Map Location: Radio Kaikan (Akihabara, Tokyo)

Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama, Ehime) – Featured in “Spirited Away”

This historic hot spring bathhouse on Shikoku island was the inspiration behind the majestic bathhouse setting in Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning anime film “Spirited Away.” Visitors can soak in the relaxing waters where Chihiro’s parents relaxed before their supernatural transformation. The traditional architecture and healing waters make Dogo Onsen the perfect place for living out this Studio Ghibli fantasy.

Map Location: Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama, Ehime)

Kichijoji and Inokashira Park (Tokyo) – Featured in “Great Teacher Onizuka”

Step into the youthful, trend-setting area of Kichijoji where misfit teacher Eikichi Onizuka gets caught up in hilarious misadventures with his students in the comedy classic “Great Teacher Onizuka.” Absorb the energetic ambiance as you explore real-life locations like Inokashira Park, its peaceful paths, and the boat rides depicted in the anime. Check out iconic spots like the red bridge where Onizuka spies on his crush, imagining the comedic mishaps and entanglements with students that defined this unlikely teacher.

Let the magic of the anime come alive as you recreate your favorite humorous scenes around Kichijoji. You can practically hear Onizuka’s outrageous motorcycle roaring through the streets as you immerse yourself in the setting that shaped his unorthodox teaching methods and boisterous personality. Fans can visit real-life anime spots like these to recreate their favorite humorous scenes and mishaps from “Great Teacher Onizuka.”

Map Location: Kichijoji and Inokashira Park

Kanda-Maebashi Station (Chiyoda, Tokyo) – Featured in “Clannad After Story”

This small train station in Chiyoda ward shows up repeatedly during emotional moments in Kyoto Animation’s acclaimed romantic drama “Clannad After Story.” On the pedestrian footbridge by the tracks, protagonist Tomoya reflects on memories with Nagisa. Stand in the lovers’ shoes on this quiet bridge, feeling the weight of their story wash over you. Listen for a nostalgic train whistle as you connect to the tender, human drama that unfolded at this minor, but meaningful, Tokyo station. Let Kanda-Maebashi Station plant you firmly in Tomoya and Nagisa’s world.

Map Location: Kanda-Maebashi Station

Harajuku – Jujutsu Kaisen

Harajuku is a vibrant district in Tokyo that has become a popular backdrop in Japanese anime and manga. The 2020 hit series Jujutsu Kaisen used Harajuku as the meeting place for its main characters Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki. Known for its bold street fashion and trendy shops, Harajuku epitomizes the youth culture of Tokyo.

Several real-life Harajuku landmarks appeared in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation, including Harajuku Station, Aoyama Cemetery, Meiji Shrine Station, and the iconic Takeshita Street. With its fashion boutiques, cafes, and constant crowds of young people, Takeshita Street embodies the energetic spirit of Harajuku which makes it an iconic destination for anime fans and fashionistas alike.

Map Location: Harajuku

Chichibu Bridge (Chichibu, Saitama) – Featured in “The Flower We Saw That Day”

Dramatically spanning the Arakawa River, this recognizable red bridge is featured memorably in Makoto Shinkai’s poignant anime film “The Flower We Saw That Day.” Lead characters Jintan and Menma play together near the bridge as youths. Later, Jintan returns here to come to terms with Menma’s passing. Fans can visit Chichibu and walk across the bridge, retracing the protagonists’ emotional journey.

Map Location: Chichibu Bridge

With unlimited opportunities to explore real life anime locations, Japan offers devotees countless ways to experience their favorite series firsthand. Follow the footsteps of characters and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery and cityscapes memorialized in these anime. Whether visiting calm shrines or bustling urban districts, anime fans are sure to find familiar places that bring their passion to life.

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