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Top 30 R-Rated Anime Series: Unleashing Adult Side Of Anime

Isn’t anime just for kids? If you think cartoons are just for kids, then you haven’t seen these badass adult anime series! They’re filled with hardcore action, violence, demons, anti-heroes, and other mature stuff that’ll make your grandma clutch her pearls.

There is no wonder that adult anime series are popular among adult audiences. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about their notorious reputations! These R-rated anime series show us that cartoons aren’t just for kids. “If you are under 18 check out my beginner’s anime list.” Lets go here is the best r-rated anime series list.

Top 12 Adult R-rated Anime Series List

1. Durarara!!

durarara! good r-rated anime series

The city of Ikebukuro is even crazier than Times Square, thanks to its wacky inhabitants like the Black Rider who roams the streets on a supernatural steed! Gang leader Izaya also raises hell by pitting rival groups against each other for giggles. And don’t forget Shizuo, who expresses his anger by chucking vending machines at annoying people.

In this hip hidden-world urban fantasy, the human drama and supernatural shenanigans are equally over-the-top. Adults will get drawn into this off-kilter and engrossing story.

  • Plot: Supernatural happenings and gang drama in the streets of Ikebukuro
  • Theme: Urban fantasy, action, suspense
  • Rating: R

2. Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World (2022)

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World  is  r-rated anime series

In 1st episode, he fought with bandits thinking it is just a game but later he found out he cannot log out and he is stuck in this gaming world where things got real.

For me, the plot is kinda mid but there is blood and some violence in it, as well as a dark ton with a lot of fan service. There is an uncensored adult anime version, and I know you guys will only watch the uncensored one. Because we are the same brother we are the same. This show is straight hanime lol and I hope there will be 2nd season haha.

  • Plot: High school boy transported to a fantasy RPG world
  • Theme: Isekai, harem, fantasy, ecchi
  • Rating: R+

3. Skeleton Knight in Another World (2022)

Skeleton Knight in Another World r a rated anime tv shows

At the start it makes clear that it is going to be dark gritty r-rated anime, The theme is dark and disturbing

A gamer fell asleep while playing the game and he found himself in the game world as a skeleton when he woke up. He possessed the powerful weapons and armor of his avatar with a skeletal appearance. Now I am not going to talk about this anime because I only watched 3 episodes,

I have mixed feelings about this show, most people think it is a clone of the Overlord, but it is not. In terms of fanservice, I’m not a big fan of assault-style fan service in the name of fan service. But it is worth a try and yes I am going to continue this show.

  • Plot: Gamer transported as a skeleton warrior to fantasy world
  • Theme: Isekai, fantasy, dark, ecchi
  • Rating: R+

4. Hellsing Ultimate (2006-2012)

Hellsing Ultimate is best r-rated action anime

Man for me Hellsing Ultimate is the best r-rated action anime. If you love dark animation, gore, action, charismatic characters, bombastic plot, and dialogue! Here you are this is the best adult anime for you.

Hellsing is an organization dedicated to destroying these supernatural forces that threaten humanity’s existence. A powerful military is led by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who battles the ghouls, vampires, and mercenaries in an all-out VAR inside the Hellsing estate’s Victorian hallways.

  • Plot: Organization battling supernatural threats to humanity
  • Theme: Horror, action, vampires, violence
  • Rating: R

5. Highschool of the Dead (2010)

Highschool of the Dead is r rated anime tv shows

We know Highschool of the Dead is a popular r-rated anime tv show about zombies when suddenly in Japan dead began to rise and the city was in complete chaos.

A group of high school students with the main character named Takashi Kimuro fights these zombies with his friends to survive. As a dark, horror, and creepy theme show, it will surely give you chills at some point, but in order to keep the environment light, it has lots of fan service.

  • Plot: Students surviving a zombie apocalypse
  • Theme: Horror, action, ecchi
  • Rating: R+

6. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Deadman Wonderland best adult anime

When you think anime can’t get dark and disturbing anymore, then you got Deadman Wonderland. This r-rated anime series may not be for everyone to watch an anime about underage children going to a brutal prison.

The prisoners play life-or-death games or fight one another to the death. It is not suitable for all ages, nor is it recommended for all stomachs.

  • Plot: Death games in a brutal prison
  • Theme: Horror, psychological, violence
  • Rating: R+

7. Sekirei (2008-2010)

best adult anime

After Deadman Wonderland I do not want to add any other dark gritty anime back to back, so here I give you Sekirei the best adult anime with a harem, romantic comedy, and supernatural elements.

It’s about a 19-year-old boy Minato Sahashi who failed his entrance exams, While returning home a beautiful woman falls from the sky on him, yup from the sky, That woman is a supernatural being known as Sekirei a humanoid being with powers and abilities. Where Minato Sahashi got dragged into the world of the Sekirei and with her have to battle for survival against others called “Sekirei Plan” It’s a fun anime to watch alone.

  • Plot: Boy dragged into supernatural battle for survival
  • Theme: Harem, action, ecchi
  • Rating: R+

8. Devilman Crybaby

devilman crybaby rated rx anime

Animation is crap! Netflix did a lazy job with the animation, but the storyline was good and the pacing was solid, but it didn’t work for me. That is the reason I am not going to talk much about this anime. There are some who like it and some who don’t, including me. It doesn’t mean Devilman Crybaby is bad, it has a message for its viewers. Give it a try. It is only 10 episodes.

  • Plot: Boy possessed by demon fights evil spirits
  • Theme: Horror, supernatural, psychological
  • Rating: R

9. GATE (2015-2016)

best r-rated action anime

Gate is about the random opening up of another world in Japan. As supernatural creatures and warriors clad in medieval armor emerge from this gate, they charge through the city, killing and destroying everything in their path.

The story moves toward both sides Japan and the other world calling a truce. Rather than killing each other senselessly. There is no doubt that GATE is violent for kids indeed it is an best r-rated anime series.

  • Plot: Fantasy world invades modern day Japan
  • Theme: Action, fantasy, violence
  • Rating: R

10. Terror in Resonance (2014)

terror in resonance best r-rated anime series

The Tokyo police totally get punked when two bored teenagers calling themselves “Sphinx” decide to play anarchist Joker-wannabes and bomb buildings while speaking in riddles. But the more destruction Nine and Twelve cause, the more their traumatic past in a child experimentation facility comes to light. Can the cops stop these misguided boys from tearing down the city to avenge their stolen childhoods?

Let’s just say things get freakin’ dark as this thriller explores the consequences of violence. parental control advised!

  • Plot: Teens become terrorists to destroy the city
  • Theme: Psychological, thriller, crime drama
  • Rating: R

11. God Eater (2015)

God Eater best adult anime to watch

In the year 2071, humanity is in danger of extinction following the appearance of man-eating monsters called “Aragami” that are immune to conventional weapons. During their ravaging, they consumed everything in their paths and left nothing behind. A group called Fenrir was formed to fight them with the aid of “God Eaters” in a last-ditch effort to save mankind.

It is a graphically animated action/fantasy series with disturbingly violent scenes. I found this anime to be one of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever watched. It’s impressive considering it is only 12 episodes long. As you progress down the line, the violence will make you flinch. For me, it is one of the best R-rated action anime.

  • Plot: Humanity battles monsters called Aragami
  • Theme: Action, horror, post-apocalyptic
  • Rating: R+
hypnosis mic division rap battle
  • Plot: Rival rap crews compete for territory in a post-war world where weapons are banned.
  • Theme: Adult Cast, Music
  • Rating: R+
undead unluck
  • Plot: An unkillable man and immortal woman team up to find the person who cursed them.
  • Theme: Action, comedy, supernatural
  • Rating: R+
undead girl murder farce
  • Plot: A demon slayer and severed head solve mysteries while chasing their body stealing enemy.
  • Theme: Adult Cast, Detective, Historical, Vampire
  • Rating: R+

15. Redo of Healer (2021)

redo of healer uncensored adult anime series

As far as r-rated anime series go, Redo of Healer is the king. The anime is far more disturbing, messed up, and believe me when I say it will make you feel disgusted. I personally think that it is one of the most hardcore r-rated anime out there.

This is not to say it’s a bad story, but it’s very heavy and not easily digestible even by adults. This show is sometimes hard to watch and it might be difficult to identify if the protagonist is good or bad. However, it is also true that it is clearly about revenge.

The torture this character undergoes makes it hard not to see some justification for his actions, if not at least some understanding. Be warned this show isn’t for the faint of heart.

  • Plot: Healer travels back in time to take revenge
  • Theme: Fantasy, psychological, adult
  • Rating: R+

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15 Best Adult Anime Series Honorable Mention

I kept it separate because it is very popular among the community, but I wanted to include it in the best adult anime series list since it is trendy among viewers.

full metal panic
  • Plot: A soldier guards a high school girl while dealing with his military duties.
  • Theme: Mecha, Military
  • Rating: R+
b the beginning
  • Amazing action scenes
  • Great animation
  • Good voice acting and music
  • Interesting characters
  • Surprising twists that make you want to rewatch
  • Emotional ending

Bad Things:

  • Sci-fi world not fully explained
  • Many side characters need more development
  • Sometimes too fast-paced
  • Confusing story at first
  • Plot: Police pursue a serial killer behind violent crimes.
  • Theme: Detective, Psychological
  • Rating: R+

3. Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man r+ rated anime

Hold on to your seat for this rated RX anime to blow your mind with its great storyline, action, and character design that gives it a fresh look. The animation is completely on another level, and it’s fantastic. MAPPA really did a great job.

  • Plot: Orphan boy forms pact with chainsaw devil to battle other devils
  • Theme: Action, horror, dark fantasy
  • Rating: R+
dark gathering
  • Plot: A group of people experience creepy supernatural events.
  • Theme: Gore horror
  • Rating: R+

5. Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kaisen new r-rated action anime series

In Jujutsu Kaisen, high schooler Itadori Yuji gets conned into eating a cursed demon finger and now he’s seeing ghosts! To exorcise these ghastly beings, he enrolls in Jujutsu Tech to master funky magic and beat down these crused sprits Yuji must contend with the evil Sukuna trying to control him from within. Its visceral fight choreography makes Jujutsu Kaisen a top dark action series.

  • Plot: High schooler joins sorcerers to fight cursed spirits
  • Theme: Action, horror, supernatural
  • Rating: R

6. The Eminence in Shadow

the eminence in shadow new r rated anime series

Looking for a hilarious isekai parody anime? Then you need The Eminence in Shadow in your life! Our boy Cid gets reborn into a fantasy world and instead of being OP, he decides to pretend to be OP by creating an entire secret society around himself.

He acts like the ominous mastermind behind everything, when really he’s just a goofy chuuni putting on an act. Watching Cid ham it up as “Shadow” while his comrades take his ramblings seriously is comedy gold.

With its satire of overpowered MCs and secret organizations, Eminence in Shadow is a side-splittingly funny adult anime you gotta watch!

  • Plot: Boy reincarnated into fantasy world pretends to be mastermind
  • Theme: Comedy, parody, isekai
  • Rating: R+

7. Attack on Titan

attack on titan top r rated anime tv series

Yes one of the greatest r rated anime of the decades, If someone asks about the best anime series, Attack on Titan will be one of them. It didn’t seem to be a big deal to me when I started watching AOT.

The kid saw his mother die at a very young age when Titan attacked their town and destroyed everything, almost wiping out the entire town’s population, and he vowed he would kill every titan that had ever existed. It seems like a pretty normal storyline to me.

After season 2, everything changed from killing Titans to politics, betrayal, depression, and more… Characters dying in AOT aren’t unusual. Give it a shot if you’re not sure whether to watch it or not, and you’ll love it.

  • Plot: Boy seeks revenge against giants that destroyed his city
  • Theme: Action, drama, survival, horror
  • Rating: R

8. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

legend of the galactic heroes_ die neue these best r-rated anime show

Blast into outer space for some intergalactic war drama with Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These! It’s like Star Wars for adults but with fewer lightsabers, and more calculations.

Reinhard and Yang are rival geniuses battling to dominate the galaxy with their massive spaceship armadas. But these boys are more into witty banter and 4D chess than pew pew pew space fights. Though with names like Bloody Marquess, you know stuff eventually goes down!

Follow these cerebral badasses as they wage tactical and philosophical war for the fate of the cosmos. It’s a thinking geek’s adult anime classic overflowing with sci-fi intensity and mecha models.

  • Plot: Rival geniuses battle tactically and philosophically for the galaxy
  • Theme: Sci-fi, space opera, action
  • Rating: R+

9. Parasyte

parasyte is rating r+ anime

One of my favorite r-18 anime out there, Parasyte is just like MCU’s Venom, parasitic aliens come on earth and take control of the human body by burrowing into their brains. Shinichi Izumi, a 16-year-old high school student, falls victim to one of these parasites, but it does not take over his brain. Instead, it takes over his right hand. Shinichi is the only one who can help Migi survive since the parasite is unable to relocate.

  • Plot: Boy’s hand taken over by alien parasite
  • Theme: Body horror, psychological
  • Rating: R+

10. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

cyberpunk edgerunners best r+ rated anime

This is a nice sci-fi r+ rated anime show you can enjoy. The story is intense and filled with action and emotion. The anime is a pulse-racing adrenaline rush combined with emotional moments that had me in tears. Studio Trigger creates incredible animations. A lot of things happen to the main characters that you don’t expect.

I must say that this anime has all the elements of a very good cyberpunk story, which is a unique genre of science fiction.

  • Plot: Teens battle corruption in dystopian future city
  • Theme: Cyberpunk, sci-fi, action
  • Rating: R+

11. Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

r rated anime series

Re: Zero is truly one of the most terrifying and unique isekai r-rated anime series I have seen. First few episodes you will find them quite boring at first but it gets better and better. After getting isekai’d to a magical realm, Subaru discovers he’s stuck in a cursed time loop where he gets brutally killed over and over again! The main selling point is he can “Return by Death,”.

Whether it’s getting his guts torn out by demonic clowns or eaten alive by monstrous rabbits, Subaru gets hardcore murdered in every gruesome way imaginable. Follow his descent into madness as he tries to stop his bloody death. Thankfully, the cutie pie half-elf Emilia is around to save his butt and sanity! Just be ready for this R-rated anime show rollercoaster ride.

  • Plot: Boy stuck in time loop trying to stop his repeated deaths
  • Theme: Isekai, psychological thriller, horror
  • Rating: R+

12. Prison School

prison school r rated anime series

Prison School is one of the gross funniest r-rated anime series out there and I enjoyed it. It is about a group of young men who are enrolled in a prison-themed school, where they must serve out their sentence and reform themselves.

The story centers around Hachimitsu Private Academy, an all-girls school that has recently decided to admit 5 male students for the first time in its history. However, they quickly find themselves at the mercy of the school’s strict disciplinary committee, led by the beautiful and sadistic president, Meiko Shiraki. The series is known for its blend of dark comedy, drama, and ecchi elements.

  • Plot: Boys at a strict all-girls school dominated by a sadistic student council
  • Theme: Comedy, ecchi, drama
  • Rating: R+

13. Saga of Tanya the Evil

r+ anime series

With world politics, war, and complex characters, this r-rated anime series is known for its dark theme and action-packed battles. It is about a salaryman who is killed by a god-like being called “Being X,” and is then reborn into a fantasy world as a young girl named Tanya Degurechaff.

In this new world, Tanya is a brilliant but ruthless military officer who rises through the ranks of the army, using her intelligence and cunning to outmaneuver her enemies. However, she is constantly at odds with Being X, who has a personal vendetta against her and seeks to bring about her downfall.

  • Plot: Salaryman reborn as girl battles enemies in magic world
  • Theme: Isekai, military, action
  • Rating: R

14. High School DxD

high school dxd r rated anime series
  • Plot: Boy resurrected into a devil club battles angels and demons
  • Theme: Ecchi, harem, fantasy
  • Rating: R+

15. Ajin: Demi-Human

ajin demi-human best r-rated action anime

Ajin is a thrilling r-rated anime series that follows the story of Kei Nagai, a high school student who discovers he is an Ajin, a demi-human with the ability to regenerate and become immortal. As he is hunted by the government and other Ajin, there are compelling characters.

The downside of the show is that animation is crappy and the frame rate is choppy as well. It’s not a visual treat if that is what you are looking for, and it is most CGI animation which is not that bad, you might feel weird at first, but you will get used to it because of its story, which is quite good actually

  • Plot: Boy discovers he’s immortal demi-human hunted by government
  • Theme: Action, horror, supernatural
  • Rating: R

That it guys, these are the best r-rated anime series I feel everybody should watch. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. There will be more blogs coming soon, so stay tuned

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