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Experience The Thrill Of Best Sports Anime Series in 2023!

Hello, sports fans and anime weebs of all ages! Are you ready to enter a world where friendship and teamwork combine with heart-pounding actions? You’re in for a treat, then, as we discover the exciting world of the best sports anime series today. These amazing shows provide a lifetime of fun by mixing the thrill of sports with engaging stories and relatable characters.

This anime list is ready to win your heart whether you enjoy playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, or even rare sports like swimming and figure skating. As we go through one of the popular sports anime to watch, grab some popcorn and cheer for your favorite team! Now let’s get this game started!

List Of Popular Sports Anime Series Recommendations


water sport anime

Re-Main is a water sports anime about Minato Kiyomizu, an excellent water polo player in middle school who survives a vehicle accident and spends more than six months in a coma. He realizes when he recovers in a hospital that he has retained his personality and memories from middle school but lost all of his memories from the year that followed. Coach Bizen is requested out by Minato, who asks to rejoin Shogakukan.

However, the coach advises Minato that it will be hard to rejoin him owing to the difference in physical growth between Minato and the present members of Shogakukan.

SK8 the Infinity

new sport anime

Looking for a good sports anime series with a skateboarding theme here I give you SK8 the Infinity. Reki, a skateboarding-obsessed high school youngster, is the main character of the anime. He meets Canadian transfer student Langa, who shares his passion for skateboarding. Both of them start participating in skateboarding events and become friends. “SK8 the Infinity” is a stylish, light watch with wonderful animation. I suggest it to anyone searching for a fun and attractive anime series.


romance sport anime

Bakuten! is a sports anime show that focuses on men’s rhythmic gymnastics. The story follows Shoutarou Futaba, a boy who is fascinated with men’s rhythmic gymnastics and enrolls at Ao High School to join the school’s team. Bakuten has received mixed reviews. The series is criticized for its lack of unique concepts while receiving praise for its audiovisual execution. It remains recognized as one of the best sports anime of 2021.

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Harukana Receive

female sport anime

What do you see? If you see girls in bikinis playing beach volleyball, you’re not alone. Harukana Receive is a female sports anime about beach volleyball. The story of Haruka Ozora, a high school student who moves to Okinawa and falls in love with beach volleyball. Her cousin Kanata Higa, who had given up the sport due to her small height, joins her on the team. They team up to play in beach volleyball competitions in Okinawa as a pair. In the sport of beach volleyball, they overcome challenges together, and improve their skills, while forming new friendships.

Salaryman’s Club

sport anime shows

Salaryman’s Club, also known as Ryman’s Club, is an adult sports anime series that focuses on corporate badminton sports. The anime follows Mikoto Shiratori, a new employee at Sunlight Corporation who is assigned to the Sales department. He joins the company’s sports team, the Salaryman’s Club, and begins to learn about corporate life through sports. The anime explores themes of teamwork, competition, and personal growth

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story

new sport anime

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story is a golf-themed new sports anime that aired in 2022. Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story follows the story of a group of girls who are passionate about golf. The anime explores their journey as they compete in various golf tournaments and overcome challenges along the way. The anime is known for its unique golf-themed action power moves and yakuza organizations with their own motorized and changing golf carts

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good sport anime to watch

Aoashi is a good sports anime that focuses on soccer. The anime follows the story of Ashito Aoi, a third-year middle school student from Ehime who is passionate about soccer. After losing in his last soccer tournament, Ashito is determined to win and become a professional soccer player to support his single mother.

However, his dreams seem like a pipe dream until he meets Fukuda Tetsuya, the youth team manager of J1 club Tokyo City Esperion. Fukuda sees Ashito’s limitless potential and invites him to take part in his team’s tryouts in Tokyo. Ashito accepts the invitation and moves to Tokyo to join the team. The anime explores Ashito’s journey and experiences in the Tokyo Esperion youth academy as he works towards his goal of becoming a professional soccer player

Tsurune – The Linking Shot

popular sport anime

Tsurune – The Linking Shot is the best sports anime series that focuses on kyudo, or Japanese traditional archery. The anime follows the story of Minato Narumiya, a former kyudo prodigy who quit the sport due to a case of target panic. He joins the archery club at his new school, Prefectural Kazemai High School, and begins to rediscover his love for the sport.

The anime explores themes of friendship, teamwork, and personal growth as Minato and his teammates work towards their goal of competing in the national championship. Generally speaking, it is praised for its beautiful animation, emotional storytelling, and excellent character development.

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Blue Lock

best sport anime

A high school soccer player Yoichi Isagi accepts an invitation to take part in the Blue Lock project. By assembling 300 boys and putting them against one another in competitions, the plan seeks to develop the ideal striker for the Japanese national soccer team. The anime addresses themes of rivalry, cooperation, and personal development as Yoichi and his colleagues strive to become the best striker. Blue Lock has received positive reviews for its original idea, competitive thrills, and sense of victory. Some reviewers criticize the disappearance of some characters in the middle of the anime.

Ippon” again!

female sport anime

Ippon” again is a story of high school student Michi Sonoda, who intended to give up judo after her last junior high competition. But Sanae Takigawa, her closest friend, offers a request for her to follow judo at her high school. Michi joins the group and brings back her love for the martial art. As Michi and her teammates try to compete in the national championship, its discusses friendship, teamwork, and personal growth.

In conclusion, these sport anime recommendations include exciting sports like water polo, skating, rhythmic gymnastics, beach volleyball, golf, soccer, kyudo, and judo with engaging stories and likable characters.

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