top 10 best ninja anime shows to watch

Top 10 Best Ninja Anime Shows: Get Ready For Fun Adventure!

Ninjas have captured our imaginations for generations. Their stealth, skills, and mystery have solidified them as some of the coolest figures in pop culture. It’s no surprise ninjas have appeared in tons of anime over the years. From comedy to drama, ninjas have been featured in many top anime shows. If you love ninjas, martial arts, adventure, and action – these anime series are definitely worth watching.

This list covers the best ninja anime shows ranging from 90s classics to recent hits. We look at long-running staples, parodies, historical tales, and modern interpretations featuring our favorite covert agents. Whether you’re a diehard ninja anime fan or just discovering the genre, you’ll find some great picks on this list of the top 10 best ninja anime shows. Get ready for awesome ninja action, hilarity, and intrigue with these must-see ninja anime series!

Top 10 Ninja Anime Series List To Watch

Ninja Robots

best ninja anime of all time

Ninja Robots is a wacky comedy 90s ninja anime series featuring three bumbling ninja robots – Ninja Red, Blue, and Yellow. Though not the most skillful ninjas, they are determined to carry out their missions and protect their home village. Their ineptitude leads to all kinds of hilarious misunderstandings and mishaps as they take on tasks like delivering noodles, gathering information, and battling paper monsters. If you love anime with ridiculous humor and parodies of classic ninja tropes, Ninja Robots will have you laughing out loud.


naruto best ninja anime

With over 700 episodes, Naruto is one of the most popular ninja anime series of all time. It follows Naruto Uzumaki, a rambunctious young ninja with a powerful secret inside him – the nine-tailed fox demon that once terrorized his village. Naruto dreams of being respected and becoming the village leader, the Hokage. The epic adventures span across years as Naruto trains to master his abilities and fight enemies with the help of friends like Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. Naruto has incredible ninja action and fight scenes combined with emotional character development that has captivated audiences.

Rurouni Kenshin

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Rurouni Kenshin is classic ninja anime to watch about a former legendary assassin Kenshin Himura goes on a journey to atone for his violent past using his reverse-blade sword, promising to never kill again. This heartfelt anime balances drama and humor exceptionally well, with Kenshin getting into various adventures and quandaries as he helps those in need while evading others from his past. It features excellent sword fight action sequences and an exploration of redemption and morality through Kenshin’s efforts to turn over a new leaf. Now a remastered version is streaming so check it out

Ninja Nonsense

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Ninja Nonsense is a parody ninja anime show that pokes fun at both the magical girl and ninja genres. Ordinary high school girl Kaede Shiranui becomes a ninja-in-training under Shinobu, a modern-day ninja master. Get ready for tons of ridiculous ninja techniques and over-the-top humor as Kaede tries to master the art of ninjutsu with the help of Shinobu and her ninja animal companions. With its energetic cast, this nonsensical take on ninjas will have you laughing all the way through.

Samurai Deeper Kyo

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Set in feudal Japan, Samurai Deeper Kyo follows Yuya Shiina’s dangerous encounter with the fearsome samurai Demon Eyes Kyo. Although it starts out lighthearted, the anime evolves into an epic filled with intense sword fights between warring clans and supernatural elements. Kyo must emerge from within Yuya’s body to face his rival and reclaim his title of the strongest samurai. With its complex characters and gripping plot, Samurai Deeper Kyo is an excellent blend of samurai and ninja action.

Brave 10

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Brave 10 takes place during the Warring States era and follows legendary ninja Saizo Kirigakure as he forms a team of 10 skilled warriors to protect Priestess Isanami and the Ueda region. Isanami possesses a mysterious and powerful ability that could turn the tide of war. It has plenty of clashes between rival ninja clans and samurai forces. But it also focuses on the bonds and relationships between the distinct characters in Saizo’s group of 10 brave warriors.

Ninja Girl & Samurai Master

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Ninja Girl & Samurai Master offers a fun comedic take on the classic ninja vs samurai dynamic. Ninja girl Sasuke and samurai master Gennosuke are forced to work together despite their bickering and totally opposite personalities. Sasuke is determined to prove ninjas are superior to samurai as she tries to complete her mission to recover a stolen sword, leading to silly contests and spats between the unlikely duo. With endearing characters and humor, it puts a cute spin on the ninja-samurai genre.

Guardian Ninja Mamoru

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The anime series Guardian Ninja Mamoru follows young ninja Mamoru and his friends – monkey Koukichi, dog Okorin, and bird Usao – as they protect their village from various foes like bandits and demons. With playful characters, simple yet fluid animation, and elementary plot lines, Guardian Ninja Mamoru is tailored for a younger audience. But it employs classic ninja tropes like secret gadgets, ninja animal companions, and basic moral themes that make it enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

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For a darker and R-rated ninja anime experience, Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou is an excellent choice for mature audiences. Set during Japan’s feudal era, it focuses on a bloody battle between Kouga and Iga, two rival ninja clans vying to determine who will be the next shogun. The clans were also former lovers, adding romance to the deadly feud. With supernatural elements, forbidden romance, intricately woven plots, and violent ninja action, Basilisk offers a grim but gripping take on ninja lore.


That wraps up our list of the top 10 ninja anime series to check out. Between longtime popular staples to newer series, there are tons of great options showcasing these skilled assassins and spies. Ninjas continue to dominate anime thanks to their strong appeal, amazing abilities, and the creative ways they are interpreted. With the right mix of action, drama, and humor – the possibilities are endless for ninja anime. So get watching and enjoy these must-see picks featuring everyone’s favorite covert agents!

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