best isekai anime where mc is op

Best Isekai Anime Where MC is OP In 2023

Suppose you woke up after going to sleep and found yourself reincarnated into a new world or entirely new universe. In this new world, you have the powers and abilities that you had dreamed of. All of us have our fantasy world where we want to live, right?

We’ve picked the best isekai anime where mc is op crush their enemies with skills and power level. Get pumped up for funny adventures with powerful new buddies, kooky creatures, and tons of twists!

These anime are a total blast to watch for gamers and anyone who loves escaping into wild new worlds. Just try not to get too jealous watching these random guys gain incredible abilities and power while you’re stuck with math homework. Let’s dive into the fantasy worlds waiting in these top isekai anime with op mc list!

But first, let’s understand what is an isekai anime for people who are just beginning in this genre.


What Anime Made Isekai Popular?

An anime that made Isekai popular is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, with its light novel released on 24 November 2015 sparked the Isekai genre, and its manga was launched into three volumes on October 26, 2019, and the last was released on December 26, 2020.

So, let’s take a look at which is the best isekai anime to watch.

What Is The Best Isekai Anime with OP MC?

The following list includes the most popular isekai anime where mc is op you can watch and enjoy. Here is a quick suggestion list of isekai anime with op mc reincarnated in another world.

  • How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
  • Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest
  • Overlord
  • The Misfit of Demon King Academy
  • Cautious Hero
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • The Saga of Tanya the Evil
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer
  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Now let’s discuss this anime in detail

how not to summon a demon lord is best isekai anime where mc is op
Pic credit: Tezuka Productions

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Gamer dude Takuma just wanted to chill in his favorite MMORPG, but after getting isekai’d into the game, he has to act as his overpowered character Diablo the Demon Lord.

Now Diablo (with Takuma’s brain inside) is crazy powerful and hanging with his in-game buddies Rem the panther girl and Shera the elf. But they think he’s the real deal demon overlord, not some human noob.

Together they go on quests and beat up those who challenge Diablo’s authority as an all-mighty Demon Lord. Hey, living inside an RPG world is sweet when you’re secretly the strongest player around! Can Takuma keep the act up? The anime does have a lot of fan service scenes, which is very common in isekai.

what isekai anime should i watch
Pic credit: Asread White Fox, Studio Mother

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Ordinary high school dude Hajime gets whisked away (with his entire class!) to a gnarly fantasy world of monsters and magic. But he’s the weakest hero by far, so his classmates ditch him in a deadly labyrinth. Rude!

After almost dying, Hajime finds an ultra-rare ability crystal that gives him freaky monster-like powers. Now he’s super strong and out for revenge! He escapes the dungeon looking like a vampire-cyborg hybrid. So cool!

With new badass abilities, this previously weak dude beats any monster in his path. He’s gonna show his former friends who the real boss is now! Don’t mess with the angry kid in the corner.

overlord is what anime made isekai popular


When a popular fantasy MMORPG gets shut down, sad gamer dude Momonga decides to stay logged in until the very end. But somehow he gets isekai’d into the game world as his undead wizard game avatar!

Now Momonga is the OP MC overlord of his whole guild’s bad guy dungeon. All the monsters and NPC allies actually have minds of their own! With an army behind him, Momonga sets out to explore and conquer this strange magical new world.

Let the power gaming begin! It’s the perfect wish fulfillment for MMORPG fans. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of waking up with the powers of our max-level game character? Momonga’s living the dream as one of the overpowered isekai MC.

the misfit of demon king academy which is the best isekai anime

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Cocky demon lord genius Anos is reborn after 2,000 years to rule again. But his kingdom’s now a school for magic and his descendants have gotten soft! What’s a super powerful demon king baby to do? Enroll in the school and make it to the top!

Anos enters Demon King Academy as a misfit first-year. But he quickly shows the faculty, students, and his own great-grandkids who the real mystical bad boy supreme is! No monster or mage stands a chance against this prodigy delinquent and his crazy magical skills.

By just flicking his hand, Anos destroys the whole army. He’s got more tricks up his sleeve than Bugs Bunny on April Fool’s Day! The bold way Anos shows off how no one can touch him never gets old. This is the best isekai anime with an OP MC! Not only is he super powerful, but he’s also super fun to watch.

what is the best isekai anime

Cautious Hero

A unique isekai anime with an OP MC and a good plot! In most isekai anime, the heroes blindly charge into danger. But cautious hero Seiya thinks first and attacks later, relying on his mystical goddess sidekick to do the heavy lifting.

Sure, Seiya has crazy OP skills and magic. But he meticulously calculates every battle scenario to minimize risk first. This includes buffing up, gathering intel, and ensuring escape routes exist. Total smarty pants!

Still, Seiya can easily crush any monster with abilities like turning words into real weapons and doubling his strength! He just takes no chances if he can help it. Watching him nonchalantly prep to own legendary demons is oddly relaxing.

Rimuru from that time I got reincarnated as a slime is most popular isekai anime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

After sad sack programmer Satoru gets stabbed in the street, he reawakens as a cute blue slime monster in a mystical forest! Everything he absorbs makes him stronger and adds new powers and monster allies.

As a small limbless blob Rimuru Tempest, he builds a kingdom of magical beings through the power of friendship! Rimuru takes in other monsters like dragon Veldora and goblin hobgoblin. His growing community adores their friendly leader.

For an icky pile of goo, Rimuru can transform into a tough human form and melt enemies with scorching heat or nuclear explosions! His harmless appearance hides mighty magical skills. Slimes rule! He is one of the best isekai anime Overpower MC no one can beat this guy.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is best isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Otaku Naofumi is psyched to get isekai’d as one of four cardinal hero warriors. But he pulls the short straw getting stuck with just a shield as his weapon while the others get swords and spears and bows. So unfair!

After some nasty betrayals, nobody trusts Naofumi or wants him in their party. But he unlocks his equipment’s absorption power to strengthen his defense beyond limits. Take that, haters!

Soon Naofumi builds a team of super loyal monster girls like feisty Raccoon demi-human Raphtalia. With her sword plus Naofumi’s shield, they’re ready to fight waves of beasts and take names! Go Team Slushie!

The Saga of Tanya the Evil which is the best isekai anime

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Cold corporate overlord Tanya gets pushed in front of a train by a disgruntled employee (yikes). As payback, cruel God isekai’s him into a dangerous war-torn world to make his life miserable. How rude of Him!

Now a tiny blonde girl, Tanya joins the military to gain power and live comfortably. But God keeps throwing obstacles at her, forcing Tanya into deadly battles. She’ll get her revenge with magical artillery strikes!

With her past life’s combat expertise, Tanya quickly rises up the ranks and leads battalions to dominate the war. Don’t be fooled by her innocent looks – Tanya’s a crazy firecracker who unleashes hell!

what isekai anime should i watch
what is the best isekai anime

The Devil is a Part-Timer

After super powerful demon lord Satan gets defeated by hero Emilia, he escapes to modern Tokyo and ends up working part-time at mall restaurant MgRonald’s! Without magic, he’s just another broke dude named Sadao Maou.

While the former great demon lord tries to adapt to mundane life, Emilia tracks him down to finish the job! But they both lost their powers upon entering our world. Uh oh, now they gotta work together at MgRonald’s to get by!

Seeing Satan fumble with fast food work and technology never stops being hilarious. And when magic does emerge again, his fearsome true form returns! Feel the heat this lovable demon brings!

most popular isekai anime

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Good-for-nothing slob Rudeus leads an empty life until he tragically dies (squished by a truck – ouch!). But the advanced mage goddesses feel he has potential for reincarnation in a mystical realm. Let’s try this again!

Reborn as a baby, Rudeus retains all his memories and knowledge. Realizing he got a second chance at life, Rudeus tries to better himself while learning fire, wind, and ice magic from scratch. It’s not easy being an infant genius!

Rudeus makes friends and has awkward laugh-out-loud moments as he navigates his new magical world. Think smart but clueless bookworm entering Hogwarts! Will he live up to expectations or lazily regress?

Three Best Isekai Animes To Watch

These three Isekai animes are my favorites. The MC are not the strongest, but the weakest in Isekai anime.

KonoSuba is most popular isekai anime
Credit: Studio Deen


To be honest, I was not interested in this anime at first because the name didn’t appeal to me. Yup, sorry about that. Later, I gave this anime a try, and now it’s one of my favorites. Konosuba’s plot with a great blend of comedy makes it one of the best isekai anime out there. It also won FUNIMATION’s Best Isekai of the Decade award!

After lame teen Kazuma dies in the most embarrassing way ever (heart attack from shock), he gets to choose between moving on to heaven or reincarnating in a fantasy RPG world. Tough call…

Picking the fantasy land, Kazuma is stoked to be living a video game life. But his excitement plummets when useless water goddess Aqua loads up with him because he chooses her. She does nothing but complain and cry!

Together with mage Megumin who only knows one explosive spell and crusader Darkness with serious masochism issues, they make the world’s worst hero squad! Somehow these bumbling newbies keep saving the day with zero skills. What a heartwarming mess!

re zero is the best isekai anime to watch
Source: Netflix


Re:zero is the only anime with its own unique story, and it’s one of the most intense and dark isekai you’ll ever see. It’s not like the other anime where there’s lots of fun and harems.

Re:ZERO throws poor Subaru into a gnarly psychological thriller isekai adventure thanks to the cruel impulses of an anime writer. This dude can’t catch a break!

After getting lost in a new dark magical kingdom, Subaru discovers he’s cursed to keep reviving after every gruesome death. Talk about awful respawn points! Whether it’s getting his guts ripped out by demonic clowns or eaten alive by rabbits, Subaru dies in every horrible way imaginable.

Follow his looping struggle to save himself and his new half-elf crush Emilia from these deadly time loops. Think Groundhog Day if Groundhog Day was a slasher flick. Re:ZERO is a unique meta-survival game with wicked twists.

Isekai Quartet is the best isekai anime you should watch

Isekai Quartet

What happens when characters from the top isekai anime all end up in the same bizarre interdimensional high school? Nonstop zany fun, that’s what!

Isekai Quartet squishes together the casts of KonoSuba, Overlord, Re:Zero, and Saga of Tanya the Evil for kooky hijinks. Suddenly explosion-girl Megumin and undead overlord Ainz are classmates!

Watching all these wacky personalities collide is a riot for isekai fans. The meta parody shorts are packed with self-referential humor too as the characters realize they’re all famous in alternate worlds. Time for an isekai anime mashup!

So Which Isekai World Would You Want to Live In?

And those are best isekai anime where mc is op list! Pack your dimensional bags and prepare to get transported to wild new worlds. Would you join Takuma on demon lord quests, help Rudeus develop new magic, or relax eating ramen with Satan? Let’s hope we all get to escape boring old Earth someday!

Until then, live vicariously through these lucky dudes launched into awesome anime wonderlands. Just beware of any creepy glowing portals or suspicious trucks driving your way. See you next isekai life!

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