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10 Best Anime Opening Songs Of All Time That Hit Different

Remember some of those amazing adrenaline rush-inducing opening songs you listen to before an anime starts? This article lists some you would love to listen to and would also help you discover the name and artist of that opening theme song you’ve been searching for.

With such awesome music, who needs subtitles? These 10 anime openings will have you jumping for joy even if you don’t understand the lyrics! So plug in and rock out to the very best high-energy hits.

Top 10 Anime Opening Songs- Jams That Slap!

Black Catcher by Vicke Blanka

Kicking off the list is Black Clover’s Black Catcher, a rockin’ rally cry that makes you want to “dye this world” with its infectious energy.

Black Catcher (ブラック キャッチャー or Burakku Kyatchā) is the tenth opening song of the popular Anime Black Clover sung by Vicke Blanka, released on January 9, 2020.

This catchy song falls under the Rock category of Jpop, in 2022, it was the 9th most listened anime-related song on Spotify having over 151 Million streams in total.

This is a song most anime fans know by heart, a mere shout of “Let’s dye this world!” would get any fan singing along.

We are! by Hiroshi Kitadani

Following that is the iconic fanfare of One Piece’s “We Are!”, a funky pirate anthem that has sailed into the hearts of anime lovers everywhere.

We Are! (ウィーアー!) is the very first opening theme song of the iconic anime series One Piece sung by Hiroshi Kitadani, composed by Kohei Tanaka with its lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi.

The song features from episodes 1 to 47 and has gathered numerous streams from all over the world, its catchy lyrics and upbeat sound with a blend of funk is like a burst of fresh air to its listeners.

It has numerous covers and has been used for a lot of edits and background sound of videos, you have probably heard this song once or twice.

Toei Animation also composed a lot of remixes, two of which became opening songs for later portions of the anime.

Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari

Then we have Naruto Shippuden’s Blue Bird, a soaring ballad that perfectly captures the spirit of our ninja heroes.

It would be nothing but a crime not to mention this amazing opening song. Blue Bird (ブルーバード, Burū Bādo) is the opening song of the Big Three’s Naruto.

It is the third opening song of Naruto: Shippuden, released on July 9, 2008, and is an amazing song that has topped numerous charts and is still one of the most popular anime opening songs.

Because of the wide fan base of this anime, the song is nothing short of being legendary.

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Inferno by Mrs. Green Apple

Up next is Fire Force’s blazing hot Inferno, with guitar riffs so lit they’ll set your soul on fire.

Inferno or インフェルノ or “Inferno” in Japanese is the first opening theme song of the popular anime Fire Force, it was released by a popular Japanese rock band Mrs. Green Apple back in 2019, released under their album “Attitude”.

This song gathered up to 1.4 Billion streams, this is no surprise as both the anime and rock band itself have a wide fanbase.

This song’s mix of pop and rock always pushes the song to any list of recommended anime opening songs proving just how awesome it is.

Kick Back by Kenshi Yonezu

Chainsaw Man brings the noise with Kick Back, a punky head-banger that cuts deep. For a melody as sweet as cotton candy, check out Oshi No Ko’s bubblegum pop hit Idol.

This song is played as the opening song of the popular anime series Chainsaw Man, it was released on 12 October 2022 as a single by SME Records by Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu.

The beautiful combination of rock music and amazing Japanese lyrics induces goosebumps and gives a feeling of euphoria. Kick Back has gathered 180 Million streams and is still counting, this being proof of how amazing a song it is.


A big hit, this song is the opening song of the recent Japanese anime series Oshi No Ko. Its pop sound and daring lyrics won over the ears and hearts of listeners making it one of the best Jpop songs.

“Idol” (アイドル, Aidoru) is a song by Japanese duo Yoasobi written and produced by Ayase from their third extended play, The Book 3 (2023). The song was released through Sony Music Entertainment on April 12, 2023.

YOASOBI is a popular duo band with lots of amazing songs produced. Idol is one of their most successful hits topping numerous charts and garnering millions of streams reaching up to 25 Million streams with its animated music video exceeding 100 Million views.

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Asterisk by Orange Range

Bleach’s Asterisk is the anime opening song of your dreams, bursting with starry-eyed optimism.

*~Asterisk~ (*~アスタリスク~, *~Asutarisuku~) is yet another opening song of one of the Big Three (Bleach), Asterisk is Orange Range’s tenth single; this song evokes feelings of nostalgia as it was used as the first opening theme song of the anime series and was featured from episodes 1 to 25.

The song is also quite popular due to the number of views Bleach gathered. This theme song employs a mix of slow rock and beautiful catchy lyrics, making it a definite must-listen.

Where Our Blue Is by Tatsuya Kitani

Jujutsu Kaisen casts a spell with Where Our Blue Is, a mystic folk tune under a moonlit sky.

Every up-to-date anime fan must know this song, Where Our Blue Is (青のすみか, Ao no Sumika) by Japanese singer-songwriter Tatsuya Kitani was released on July 19, 2023 by Sony Music Entertainment.

The song served as the third opening song of the trending anime Jujutsu Kaisen. Jujutsu Kaisen no doubt has the best opening songs, Where Our Blue being one of its amazing ones.

It falls under the genre of Jpop and many believe that the anime caused the song to be able to gather its jaw dropping number of streams but the song truly is that amazing.

Pray by Tommy heavenly6

Feeling nostalgic? Gintama’s Pray is a heavenly rock ballad straight from the 2000s.

Pray or プレイ in Japanese is the first opening song of Gintama, the popular anime series sung by Tomoko Kawase under the name Tommy heavenly6. Listening to this song brings waves of nostalgia and one couldn’t help but sing along.

It is quite a catchy song with nice heartwarming lyrics and soft rock instrumentals, making it one of the best anime opening songs out there.

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Sora To Utsuro by Sasanomaly

Finally, The Case Study of Vanitas intrigues with the indie pop reverie of Sora To Utsuro.

Sora to Utsuro (空と虚) is the first opening theme song of the anime Vanitas No Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas) released on July 16, 2021, by popular Japanese artist Sasanomaly.

The song is a perfect blend of J Pop and Indie pop, this in combination with the artist’s voice produces a beautiful melody. Sora To Utsuro is a commonly recommended song even as its anime isn’t very popular which speaks about how nice a song it is.

And that’s our top 10 list of anime openings that totally rock! So next time you hear an anime opening’s first notes, turn that volume way up and sing along—even if you don’t know the words!

Let these crazy catchy tunes take you away to worlds of ninjas, pirates, demons, and more for audio escapism at its finest. And if you’ve got a favorite opener we missed, sound off in the comments!

Because when it comes to anime’s musical magic, the fun has just begun. Now let’s all paint this world!

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