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Top 10 Best Anime Like Redo of Healer For Your Binge Watch

Hey, anime fans! Looking for a wild ride filled with action, revenge fantasies, and scandalous harem anime like Redo of Healer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! wink wink I’ve got a list of 10 more anime like Redo of Healer that will satisfy your guilty pleasure wants. But before we get into that, This show is wackier than a weeb at an all-night manga marathon.

I mean, the MC goes around straight-up torturing and doing the dirty with all the females that wronged him in his previous life. Talk about holding a grudge! Mr. Healer definitely took the whole “revenge is a dish best served cold” thing a bit too far. I know, intense right? But hey, we don’t judge here! Now grab some popcorn and get ready for some binge-worthy anime!

Redo of Healer – This Show Is Not For Everyone!

redo of healer

Redo of Healer definitely isn’t for everyone – but if you’re looking for more intense, edgy anime with dark revenge themes, extreme action, and steamy harem vibes, this list is for you! We’ve got betrayed anti-heroes climbing towers, monster masquerades, dungeon-crawling with monster girls, and more! From mainstream hits to under-the-radar picks, all these shows capture elements that make Redo of Healer so binge-worthy.

Of course, not every series goes as far as Healer when it comes to ahem adult content. But they all deliver provocative stories filled with vengeance, adventure, and just enough risqué fun to leave you wanting more. So whether you’re already a fan of Keyaru’s wild ride or just discovering this forbidden gem, get ready for 10 more anime to satisfy your craving for ecchi insanity! Just make sure no one’s watching over your shoulder…

Top 10 More Anime Like Redo of Healer To Watch

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World – Living the Dream with Fur Waifu

harem in the labyrinth of another world

This fantasy isekai uncensored anime like Redo of Healer is overflowing with steamy ecchi goodness. We get tons of tantalizing scenes as he navigates risky romance and conquers his labyrinth of ladies. If you’re looking for adventure with a scandalous side of naked babes, this one’s for you!

The MC has his hands full managing his ever-growing girl harem in the labyrinth – we’re talking puppy, cat girls, succubi, and more! Things get wild and totally NSFW as he “gets to know” his new companions. Let’s just say jealousy erupts and sexy hijinks happen! With tons of gratuitous fanservice and harem wish fulfillment, this is a must-see for fans of Healer’s explicit anime elements.

Kis x Sis- When “Sibling Bonding” Goes Too Far

kiss x sis adult anime like redo of healer

Kis x Sis r-rated anime like Redo of Healer about two sisters fiercely competing for their brother’s affection – sound familiar? This series cranks up the ecchi harem vibes to the extreme with risque love triangle scenarios between siblings. If the taboo harem elements of Redo of Healer appealed to you, Kis x Sis will take things to the next level!

The brother is stuck trying to balance school life with his blossoming “relationships” at home. Cue awkward sexual tension escalating between the siblings as the sisters get bolder trying to seduce him. We see steamy scenes in bathhouses, under tables, you name it! Kis x Sis leans fully into the questionable relationship dynamics that made the Healer harem so tempting yet controversial. If you’re looking for no-holds-barred ecchi and risqué “sibling bonding”, this anime delivers!

Tower of God – Moody Macabre Revenge

tower of god best anime like redo of healer

Bam is out for cold-blooded revenge as he climbs the Tower and confronts those who betrayed him. Tower of God has dark, edgy action galore with a calculating antihero that rivals Keyaru. Watch Bam strategically backstab and manipulate his way to the top on his quest for retribution!

There are chilling tests and deadly battles as Bam navigates the Tower’s twisted secrets and occult powers. We see his innocent persona slowly crumble, revealing his ruthless determination to destroy those who deceived him. Like Keyaru, his desire for vengeance fuels him to abandon morality and embrace harsh methods. If you crave more brooding, complex MCs driven by revenge like in Redo of Healer, Tower of God hits the spot of revenge anime like Redo of a healer.

Tokyo Ghoul – Dark Anime Like Redo of Healer

tokyo ghoul dark anime like redo of healer

Tokyo Ghoul captures the terrifying transformation of an ordinary boy turned powerful ghoul out for vengeance. With gritty, gruesome action scenes, this macabre revenge tale will leave you on the edge of your seat!

After a freak accident, Kaneki must adapt to life as a half-ghoul in a world that hates his kind. We witness the once-naive boy hardened by trauma, forced to resort to violence for survival. There are plenty of brutal, blood-soaked battles as Kaneki taps into frightening new abilities fueled by his desire for retribution. Tokyo Ghoul matches Healer’s intensity with dark, edgy action and an antihero seeking to punish those responsible for making him a monster. It totally nails the dark fantasy anime vibes like Redo of Healer.

Yona of The Dawn – Warrior Princess Harem

yona of the dawn harem anime like redo of healer

Here we go with another harem anime like redo of healer! The story is about Yona After her kingdom is taken by the man she loves, Princess Yona embarks on a quest to regain her throne aided by a growing harem of handsome warriors. This sweeping revenge saga packs tons of adventure and lighthearted harem fun. Watch Yona evolve from girl to badass!

Yona accumulates an entourage of powerful fighting men who all come to adore her – romance blooms on the battlefield! We get playful harem antics as the men compete for her affection amidst the action. But don’t underestimate Yona; she can hold her own with her bow skills and fiery determination. If you enjoy Healer but want something with a lighter tone, Yona of the Dawn balances vengeance and humor masterfully.

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Made in Abyss – Tragedy Tempers Innocence

made in abyss dark anime like redo of healer

Like Keyaru, young Riko’s innocence is tainted by harrowing betrayal in the merciless Abyss. She descends into the nightmarish depths, compelled by trauma and a need for answers. Made in Abyss is an edgy coming of age tale brimming with mystery!

The Abyss hides disturbing secrets and lethal creatures that push Riko to her limits. We witness the sweet girl forced to make impossible choices to survive the darkness that changed her life. While not as extreme as Healer, Made in Abyss still delivers an impactful, edgy story. It explores innocence lost in a cruel world, leaving Riko forever changed. If you appreciate Healer’s darker themes, Made in Abyss offers an enthralling, moving take.

Elfen Lied – Not for the Faint of Heart

elfen lied revenge anime like redo of healer

Looking for revenge anime like Redo of Realer Elfen Lied will not disappoint! Lucy’s violent rampage after her escape makes Keyaru look tame. Famous for its nudity and gore, Elfen Lied is a gruesome story of a ruthless psychic mutant seeking revenge against her human oppressors.

Lucy was bred to be a weapon, only to become a caged lab experiment. Once she breaks free, she unleashes telekinetic hell on the humans who tortured her and killed her friends. We get horrific scenes of Lucy using her powers to gruesomely slaughter her enemies. While more graphic, Lucy’s motivation for vengeance parallels Keyaru’s. If you can handle intense violence, Elfen Lied delivers satisfaction in watching Lucy dish out savage justice.

Goblin Slayer – Retribution on Vile Creatures

goblin slayer dark fantasy anime like redo of healer

In a dark fantasy world, a grim lone warrior slays goblins to avenge those lost to the vile creatures, no matter how bloody. Goblin Slayer captures Redo of Healer’s tone with unflinching violence and mild harem themes.

We follow the cold-blooded Goblin Slayer as he relentlessly tracks down nests to massacre every last goblin inside. The gory battles are not for the squeamish! But his skills make it thrilling and cathartic to watch the hordes get obliterated. Goblin Slayer also attracts a band of adventurers including girls that fancy him, though romance stays secondary to his pursuit of retribution. If you like Healer’s ruthless protagonists and dark, edgy action, Goblin Slayer a dark fantasy anime like redo of healer hits the mark!

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles – Isekai Path to Vengeance

seirei gensouki spirit chronicles anime like redo of healer

A modern boy reincarnated into an Isekai anime world of spirits wields great power on his quest for revenge. With loyal companions gained along his journey, he is an unstoppable force!

When Rio reawakens in this new magical realm, he jumps at the chance to eliminate the terrorists who killed him. We see him master spells and astral projection on his path to vengeance. Rio accumulates plenty of female companions enthralled by his skills and charisma. While lighter on fanservice than Healer, Spirit Chronicles still delivers fun isekai adventuring with mild harem vibes. If you like Keyaru’s reincarnation twist, check out Rio’s exciting transition from ordinary student to magical badass!

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Lord Marksman and Vanadis – Archery and Maidens

seirei gensouki spirit chronicles other anime like redo of healer

This medieval anime has a young archer ally with mystical sword-wielding warrior maidens to win back fallen kingdoms – lighter on revenge but still great action and harem fun!

Lord Marksman takes place in a sweeping fantasy realm filled with kingdoms at war. Tigre, an unrivaled archer, joins forces with powerful Vanadis warriors like the snow princess Elen. They fight together to defend their homeland from invading forces. We get thrilling medieval-style battles as Tigre’s bow skills complement the Vanadis and their magical weapons. While not revenge-driven, Tigre does trade witty banter and subtle romance with the Vanadis ladies. For Healer fans wanting a similar adventure without the edge, this is an entertaining pick!

And there you have it – 10 other anime like redo of healer that will fulfill your cravings for dark thrills and harem anime! Whether you’re looking for calculated anti-heroes fueled by revenge, edgy transformations into powerful monsters, or just plain gratuitous ecchi fun, this list has got you covered. These top 10 best anime like Redo of Healer range from mainstream smash hits to scandalous hidden gems. So next time you’ve binged all of Keyaru’s wicked adventures and need more vengeful, be sure to check out this salacious series! Just don’t let your parents or others see what’s on your screen.

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