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Top 10 Best Anime Like High School DxD With Harem Adventure

Love the spicy ecchi scenes, a harem of cute girls, and epic action battles in High School DxD? Get more of what you crave with these top 10 similar anime like High School DxD.

If you’re down for some lewd fun and adventures like DxD, with tons of fanservice and fantasy combat, you’ll dig these popular shows. They’re bursting with supernatural stories, hilarious awkward moments, and harems of gorgeous waifus.

Join the club of brave heroes powering up and winning over affection from angels, demons, mages, and other babes. From raunchy high school comedies to demon-hunting academies, you’ll find the best anime like high school dxd filled with busty beauties, mythological baddies, and outrageous escapades like DxD!

Are There Any Other Anime Like High School DxD

top uncensored ecchi anime series

High School DxD is packed with so many things we love in explicit anime – badass monsters battles, a lovable pervy main character, pretty girls galore, boobs, pantsu, the whole enchilada!

If you’re dreaming of more anime like high school dxd, with harems full of supernatural cuties like DxD delivers, then get hyped for this list.

We’ve got 10 anime like high school dxd recommendations primed with the fanservice, action, and mythical misadventures you adore. So prepare for more adventures with angels, devils, and mythological hotties!

10 Best Anime Like High School DxD to Watch


maken-ki anime like high school dxd

At Tenbi Academy, typical hornball teenager Takeru enrolls and is totally shocked to discover the female students possess magical Maken that grant them superpowers. Because why wouldn’t a high school be full of magical girls?

You can bet Takeru ends up in some hilariously perverted mishaps with the Tenbi ladies involving mystical orbs, ripped clothes, bouncy physics, and accidental gropings galore. Fans of DxD’s Issei and his hijinks will feel right at home with Takeru!

Beyond the boobs, Maken-Ki! also delivers crazy battles when elements from the student council attack or pervy teachers get out of control and summon a tentacle beast. Yikes!

The academy setting, paranormal students, and mix of uncensored ecchi with fantasy action make Maken-Ki! a must-see. Get ready for more conjured clothing malfunctions in this adult anime like High School DxD!

Love Flops

love flops similar anime like high school dxd

On the surface, new transfer student Toma Konoe looks like a sweet and innocent nice guy. But secretly he’s a major playboy on a mission – to confess to five different girls on his first day and build an instant harem!

Pantsu and boobs spill out left and right as Toma tries to woo the ladies while hiding his intentions from them and jealous dudes. Love Flop’s raunchy humor and nonstop awkward moments.are just like lewd anime like high school dxd

Walkure Romanze

walkure romanze adult anime like high school dxd

This show takes us away from demon lands to the prestigious Knight Academy where students train in the art of jousting while pursuing relationships on the side. Because what’s a little friendly competition without romance?

Our hero Takahiro actually prefers baking bread over becoming a knight, but gets drawn into the rivalry between feuding beauties Mio and Ayako. Both girls try to get Takahiro to be their manager as they duel on horseback with pointy sticks. Ouch!

On top of the love triangle, Walkure Romanze serves up exciting jousting matches between the busty aspiring knights. Clothes and armor get shredded constantly to reveal stimulating views for the characters and viewers.

If you think the Occult Research Club in DxD has fun adventures, just wait until you see the fanservice and competitions at Knight Academy! More chivalrous ecchi awaits.

Rosario + Vampire

rosario vampire lewd anime like high school dxd

Ordinary high schooler Tsukune can’t get into any regular academies, so he ends up at a school for monsters! And the student body is full of cute demon girls just dying to date him.

There’s the adorable pink-haired vampire Moka who takes his blood but gets all sweet and bashful about it. Kurumu the succubus who suffocates Tsukune with her gigantic boobs. Yukari the child prodigy witch who’s quite the naughty prankster. And mature student Mizore the snow spirit who tends to stalk her beloved.

Beyond the humorous R-rated elements, the girls also unleash terrifying true monster forms when they have to defend their human crush Tsukune, making for epic battles.

Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

ikkitousen_ dragon destiny ecchi anime like high school dxd

This best anime like high school dxd follows rival academies where the students are reincarnations of historical warriors from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms epic. Naturally, this means they have the spirits of these ancient fighters awakened within them, granting mystical battle powers. Standard high school stuff! The ecchi nonsense ramps up when the past-life warriors collide and start tearing off each other’s clothes with their powers. Oopsie! DxD lovers will revel in the bountiful boob shots and absurd wardrobe destruction.

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So, I Can’t Play H!

so i can't play h harem anime like high school dxd

Ryuosuke can’t catch a break. He gets struck by lightning while walking home from school one day and is infused with Lilith’s soul. You know, the mother of all demons. As one does.

Now Ryosuke must help Lilith’s Daughters seal away evil spirits attracted to his demonic aura while trying to contain Lilith’s lusty urges from taking over his body. And she loves toying with the poor guy!

DxD weebs will laugh their butts off watching Ryosuke get so flustered dealing with the affections of these celestial hotties as well as the teasing succubus that possesses him. Being a normal high school kid isn’t easy when you’re a demon magnet!


shuffle best anime like high school dxd

Gods and demons began freely living in the human world long ago in the Shuffle universe. As a result, archetypical high school student Rin ends up living with two beautiful neighbors – nerdy redhead Itsuki who just so happens to be the daughter of the king gods, and petite tomboyish Nieri, daughter of the ruler of demons.

You can bet these lovely ladies with supernatural backgrounds get wrapped up in silly romantic antics as they vie for Rin’s heart. They seem human at school but unleash their true magical natures at home. Like DxD, Shuffle! thrives on the awkward high school comedy and harem wish fulfillment.

If you enjoy DxD’s shenanigans with Rias and Asia, Shuffle! delivers even more hilarious harem fun with gorgeous girls of legend. Just try not to get smited!

The Demon King Daimao

the demon king daimao similar anime like high school dxd

Akuto Sai has dreams of graduating from Constant Magick Academy and eventually becoming a priest and high magician. But when he’s told by the school’s oracular magic that instead he’ll become the next Demon King, Akuto’s plans for a holy path get quickly derailed.

Talk about an occupational mix-up! Although with students like the swordswoman Junko, loyal ninja Korone, and other gorgeous followers flocking to serve him, maybe this Demon King gig won’t be so bad after all!

DxD fans will delight in this similar story of a student unexpectedly gaining superhuman abilities and attracting a devoted female fanclub while fighting back against adversaries who oppose him simply for being born different. The Demon King Daimo gives us another great underdog tale with tons of mythic mages causing mischief.


tsugumomo anime like high school dxd

Average school guy Kazuya can’t catch a break either. One day he gets stuck with an obi sash that contains the soul of the tsukumogami goddess Kiriha. All she wears is this obi, so she’s frequently naked clinging to him – much to Kazuya’s shock!

Even worse, Kiriha forces Kazuya to “give her his body” to use her powers so they can fight off deadly random kami beasts drawn by his spiritual energy. Like Issei from DxD dealing with his unpredictable gauntlet power, Kazuya must handle the burden of being Kiriha’s “partner” if he wants to survive the supernatural onslaught. It’s a tough gig, but the benefits are obvious for this lucky dude!

Strike the Blood

strike the blood best anime like high school dxd

In Strike the Blood, a normal high school student (do you sense a trend?) Kojou Akatsuki also has his world shaken up when he discovers he’s somehow the fourth primogenitor – an extremely powerful legendary vampire.

And to monitor his abilities, he gets paired with Yukina Himeragi, a sword-wielding holy shrine maiden dispatched by the Lion Order. But despite her mission, she ends up becoming quite attached to Kojou. What is it about mortal danger and romance?!

Like Issei, Kojou didn’t ask for this special status – but it comes with quite the perks if you can look past the constant assassination attempts and whatnot! DxD fans who love the relationship between Issei and Rias will enjoy Kojou’s blossoming partnership with Yukina as they take down supernatural threats together and she keeps his wild vampire instincts in check with her angelic presence. Ah, young love!

Well there you have it- 10 harem anime like high school dxd on crunchyroll overflowing with harem, comedy, adventure. No matter your favorite part of DxD, these shows will scratch your itch for more absurd magical hijinks. So get ready to laugh your butt off and ogle at eye candy galore!

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