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Top 10 Anime Like Goblin Slayer On Crunchyroll And Netflix

If you love watching the Goblin Slayer totally wreck those puny goblin jerks with his mad skills, then prepare yourself for more sweet anime combat against creepy fantasy creatures!

We’ve got a list of the top 10 anime like goblin slayer that is packed with brave heroes, wild monsters, and tons of crazy fight scenes. These shows are full of gnarly demon beasts and creepers for anime fighters to slay with their epic abilities.

Whether they’re wielding giant swords, magic powers, or whatever else, these anime characters are ready to demolish their monster enemies and make them cry to their mommies! Just like the Goblin Slayer’s never-ending quest to wipe out all goblins, these determined warriors are battling the forces of evil in fantastical worlds.

So get amped up for more dark thriller anime featuring creepy crawlers and the supremely skilled anime heroes who live to turn them into piles of dust! Here are 10 of the best anime like Goblin Slayer streaming now:

Top 10 Best Anime Like Goblin Slayer To Watch


anime similar to goblin slayer

In the dark fantasy world of Claymore, shape-shifting demon monsters called Yoma, hide among society disguised as regular humans while feeding on them. Not cool! But a secret organization creates an army of silver-eyed, blonde-haired teen girl warriors appropriately named Claymores to hunt down the Yoma menace.

These Claymore chicks are no joke – they’re part Yoma themselves, which gives them superhuman strength and speed for beastly sword fights. The Claymores wield their massive claymore greatswords with ease, using the huge blades to slice n’ dice any Yoma threat they come across. Their swords are almost as big as the warriors themselves!

The Claymore anime has tons of savage battle scenes as the Yoma killers search for disguised demons. They hack away limbs and bisect torsos covered in purple blood. So brutal! If you think the Goblin Slayer is a vicious monster hunter, just wait until you see the Claymores go full berserker mode on their prey. These ladies live for the thrill of finding and slaying their next monstrous target.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives

i am standing on a million lives

I’m Standing on a Million Lives is another Isekai anime similar to Goblin Slayer on Crunchyroll about gamer Yusuke Yotsuya who just wanted to play the latest online RPG game with his buddies Iu and Michiru. But instead, the trio gets magically transported into a real-life fantasy world!

Now they have to put their gaming skills into practice in actual life-or-death fights against man-eating giant insects, angry lizard warriors, undead skeletons, and other freaky creatures trying to tear them apart. Not ideal!

Luckily, just like in the RPGs, defeating monsters makes the characters gain experience points so they can level up and gain new abilities. Yusuke is also able to access a video game-like menu to check his stats and equip special skills.

Together, the friends battle their way through this strange land by figuring out the monsters’ weaknesses and exploiting them for the win. If you like watching the Goblin Slayer’s party defeating goblin foes, then join Yusuke’s crew as they stick it to the creepy crawlers in badass fights!

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

grimgar_ ashes and ilusions

This is good rated-r anime like goblin slayer that you can watch! When a group of teens wakes up in the magical world of Grimgar with no memory of their past, they have to join guilds and fight monstrous enemies to survive this harsh new world.

Everything is way harder than just hitting “Restart” if you get killed like in a video game! They have to struggle to earn money for food and shelter between defeating creepy blob creatures, vicious wolves, angry tree spirits, and more.

At first, the group has no fighting skills so they get wrecked by the monsters at every turn. But through teamwork and determination, they slowly improve their combat abilities. Their swordsman Haruhiro unlocks new sword techniques while Ranta the hunter masters his bow skills. Shihoru the mage learns stronger magic and Yume becomes a master of sneaky dual-dagger attacks.

Just like the Goblin Slayer’s adventuring party, these anime characters start weak but get tougher and more badass with experience. If you dig to see the Goblin Slayer squad upgrade their skills, you’ll love watching Grimgar’s heroes power up through hard work!

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Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

rokka braves of the six flowers

It is more than just sword fighting and saving the world in Braves of the Six Flowers. The story is about the evil Demon God ravaged the land with his demonic army before being sealed away by mighty heroes. Now the Demon God’s powerful juniors are trying to revive him and continue the terror!

To prevent this catastrophe, six elite warriors chosen by the goddess of fate are summoned as the Braves of the Six Flowers. Their mission is to defeat the Demon God Army once and for all! Each has a unique set of special skills and talents to vanquish monsters.

There’s the genius battle tactician Adlet, saintly princess Nashetania, cold assassin Goldof, brilliant magician Hans, enigmatic warrior Chamo, and Mora the heir to the mighty Saint of Single Flower.

But when they all meet up, there are suddenly seven Braves! That means one of them is an imposter betraying the group! Now they have to battle attacking demons while uncovering the traitor in their midst. If you enjoy the Goblin Slayer’s party sniffing out a traitor, you’ll be hooked on the thrilling mystery in Rokka!

From the New World

from the new world watch anime like goblin slayer

If you have any questions What should I watch if I like Goblin? Here is the answer an absolutely underrated anime From the New World!! Kids Saki, Shun, Satoru, Maria, and Mamoru seem to live in a peaceful world where everyone has psychic abilities. But there are dangers in the woods beyond their home. Something sinister lurks in the utopian village where psychokinetic powers are common in From the New World.

Giant naked mole rats as big as houses? Super creepy! And fox men who sneak into homes and drag victims away? No, thank you! Plus more bizarre monsters only whispered about.

When the kids are threatened by supernatural creatures, they tap into their psychic powers to fight back. Mind bullets and telekinesis send the monsters packing! As they grow up, their psychic skills and technology progress to continue protecting the village from evil.

If you like the Goblin Slayer crew unlocking new strengths and abilities as they battle goblins, just wait until you see the crazy psychic powers and advanced tech these heroes use to counter the supernatural enemy forces! Things are about to get weird.

Rising of the Shield Hero

rising of-the shield hero anime like goblin slayer

Rising of the Shield Hero Swanson 1 is a good anime like goblin slayer but season 2 is not as good as the first season still a great watch tho, the story follows Naofumi Iwatani, a college student who is summoned from Earth to become one of four legendary Heroes. Naofumi is designated as the Shield Hero, the least flashy role.

While the Sword, Spear, and Bow Heroes are celebrated, Naofumi is looked down on and left penniless. But he soon unlocks the mystical powers of his shield which allows him to absorb energy from attacks. He can use this energy to strengthen his shield and summon cool new abilities!

If you think the Goblin Slayer’s unmatched goblin-slaying abilities are impressive, get ready for Naofumi to show off his true power as he evolves into the mightiest Shield Hero ever! He’ll prove everyone wrong who doubted him.

Castlevania (TV Series)

castlevania best anime like goblin slayer

This show is not Anime, But it is a good western show based on the popular horror video game available on Netflix, in Castlevania Trevor Belmont takes up the fight against Vlad Dracula Tepes and his army of demons who have overrun Eastern Europe. Trevor is the last surviving member of the Belmont clan, a family of vampire hunters with a duty to defeat Dracula whenever he returns.

Armed with the legendary Belmont whip and mystical sub-weapons like throwing axes, holy water, and boomerang crosses, Trevor tears through all kinds of undead foes. He also enlists the help of magician Sypha and Dracula’s son Alucard because he can’t handle Dracula’s minions alone.

Castlevania is the only Western show similar to goblin slayer you can watch on Netflix, you’ll love seeing Trevor Belmont crack his whip to send undead creatures and demons back to hell where they belong!

Record of Lodoss War

record of lodoss war anime like goblin slayer on crunchyroll

The fantasy world of Lodoss is in turmoil, with an evil wizard trying to unleash an ancient God of Destruction from his island prison. A party of brave adventurers goes on a dangerous quest to prevent this by acquiring the legendary scepter of domination.

There’s Parn – a reckless young warrior seeking adventure, Deedlit – a curious high elf, Etoh – a fledgling priest, Woodchuck the thief, Slayn – a powerful sorcerer, and Ghim – the cynical dwarf. Each has unique abilities that are tested battling evil creatures like orcs, dragons, decaying undead warriors, and wicked spirits on their epic journey.

Working together, they overcome all obstacles in their path using teamwork and skill. Their mission reminds us of Goblin Slayer’s own adventures battling the forces of evil with his companions. If you love Dwarf Shaman and Priestess healing and supporting Goblin Slayer, you’ll enjoy watching the heroes in Record of Lodoss War use their powers in tandem.


anime similar to goblin slayer

The Hellsing organization’s top mission is to search and destroy anything supernatural that threatens Queen and country. Their ultimate weapon is the vampire Alucard and his newly bitten progeny Seras Victoria. Alucard is no ordinary bloodsucker – he’s nigh indestructible with insane strength, speed, and dark powers that make him the deadliest hunter around.

Clad in his red trenchcoat and oversized pistols, Alucard brutally exterminates any target with sadistic glee. Ripper ghouls, Nazi vampires, regenerating priests – nothing stands a chance against him. With Seras and witch Yumie providing backup, Hellsing ensures the streets of England stay clean of unholy monsters.

If you get pumped up seeing Goblin Slayer massacre goblins with his Elite skills, you’re guaranteed to love Alucard unleashing his terrifying vampire powers against the forces of evil! This vampire doesn’t just slay monsters – he annihilates them.


berserk anime like goblin slayer

Talk about a mature anime character you don’t want to mess with! In Berserk, Guts left a life of violence behind to pursue peace with his lover. But fate had other plans, and now Guts is on a revenge quest hacking away at demonic forces with his giant sword Dragonslayer.

After a cruel betrayal by his sworn friend Griffith that left him with a metal arm and the Brand of Sacrifice that attracts demons, Guts, and his companions battle all kinds of hellish monsters plaguing the land. Hideous snake barons, gluttonous slug counts, possessed tree spirits – Guts destroys them all in his rage.

With his automatic crossbow, bombs, and of course his gigantic sword capable of slaying gods, he won’t stop until Griffith pays. If you enjoy Goblin Slayer’s fury and determination to exterminate goblins, Guts will show you true berserker-mode demon-slaying carnage!

That’s all for now– 10 dark fantasy anime like goblin slayer for fans. Which of these shows will you add to your watchlist next for more great fantasy combat, thrilling adventures, and courageous heroes giving monstrous foes the beatdown they deserve? Let the binge-watching begin!

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